About Us


About Us – TrainHer Fitness is a lifestyle company that is focused on physical, mental, and emotional health of women. We are dedicated to empowering every woman to achieve her individual goals through fitness and self-improvement, as well as, creating a community of real women who encourage, motivate, and support each other.


We embrace who we are and acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses in order to improve. We own our thoughts, feelings, and actions with integrity, never placing blame on others.


We strive to look for the positive in ourselves, others, and all situations. At TrainHer Fitness there is no room for negativity, we are kind, respectful and supportive of others and ourselves.

Genuine Love

Genuine love is what motivates us to care for our customers and always have their best interest at heart. That love includes loving ourselves regardless of imperfections.


We are passionate about living on purpose, settling for more, reaching our potential, and are dedicated to living our best lives.

Be vulnerable

We grow the most when we are vulnerable, honest, and get out of our comfort zones. We try new things, make mistakes, speak up, and are transparent with ourselves and others.


Gratitude brings perspective. When we remember the people in our lives, our accomplishments, our abilities, our experiences – we can see more clearly where we’ve been, where we are going and how truly amazing we are when it comes to women’s fitness.

Welcome to Trainher Fitness


Isaac Kershner


I saw a need for women to believe in themselves, and know their immense individual value. In my life, taking care of myself physically, mentally and

emotionally has given me to ability to believe in myself, that is why TrainHer focuses on those areas so heavily because we want women to take care of themselves, believe in themselves, and overcome obstacles. My hope is that women who come to TrainHer Fitness leave a little more empowered to accomplish their goals, and be their best selves.


Outdoors – hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking and being active, PIZZA, playing in water, motorcycles, family, and Britt.


Brussel sprouts, when others put themselves down, long lines at chic fil a.


“Sometimes you have to sacrifice something you THINK you NEED for something you KNOW you WANT.” – Anonymous


Brittany Hatch



Cuddles, humanitarian work, traveling, my mom, hiking, time with my girlfriends, connecting with others, podcasts, and Isaac.



Lights, Traffic, Negativity/excuses, Doing my hair


“You Pile up enough tomorrows, you’ll find you’ve collected a lot of empty yesterdays.”

– Pro Harold Hill, The Music Man

I am passionate about improving myself and connecting with others. I have found that the more real and vulnerable I am with others the more they reciprocate being real with me –  I thrive on that connection. When TrainHer Fitness was at the beginning stages I wanted to make sure that we were speaking to the needs of REAL women about REAL life and REAL change. I have experienced that real change, but I want to help other women get to where they feel comfortable and confident in themselves, knowing they aren’t alone, that I’m here, and we’ve created a community of women cheering them on.

Jessi Trainher Fitness

Jessi McAllister

Fitness Instructor

Favorite Quote:

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. -Norwegian proverb

Real queens fix each other’s crowns. -unknown


Chocolate, wine & beer, getting

massages, my birthday, Star Wars & Star Trek, uttansana, date night, my one-year-old’s kisses, singing, carbs AND fat AND protein.


Broken squirt bottles, cleaning the kitchen AGAIN, political noise, dropping things, cowardice, full-length mirrors, bad manners, making the same mistakes

I’m in my 8th year (wow!) as a personal trainer, group fitness teacher, and yoga instructor. I specialize in corrective posture exercises, self-massage, training for obstacle runs or half marathons, core and balance improvement, and (most recently) prenatal and postpartum fitness. I rushed through my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication but got to the last few weeks of my last semester before graduating and decided that I hated it. After graduation, my husband encouraged me to try a yoga teacher training program, a fancy, far-off dream of mine, and the rest is history. My hobbies include doing my own pedicures, walking the Shih Tzu for 3 minutes before letting him ride in the bottom of the stroller for the rest of the way, and telling my daughter the sounds that kitties make.

Why I wanted to a part of TrainHer Fitness

A woman should be consumed by the joy in her life. She should not be consumed by the scale, calories, or the mirror reflection. There are far too many wonderful and more important things to focus on, like our mental health, our physical strength, self-actualization, our relationships… and getting the last chocolate chip cookie. There is a place for all women in fitness. And TrainHer nourishes that. I am thrilled at the chance of being a part of this company. Besides–teaching fitness classes is practically the most fun thing to do!

Courtney Robertson - 2

Courtney Robertson

Holistic Health Coach

Favorite Quote:

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. -Buddha


Yoga, Being outside, Dancing to “The Fitness Marshall”, Rainstorms, Singing in

my car, Self-improvement through books & podcasts, Educating & empowering others through health


Mean people, Airports and flying, Traffic

Courtney has a passion for all things health, as it has been a major part of her life! She strongly believes in the innate healing power of the body and mind by elevating one’s health through nutrition, energy therapy, nature, meditation and many other things. She has a degree in Public Health and is certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner, specializing in BodyTalk (energy therapy) and Holistic Nutrition.

Why I chose to be part of TrainHer Fitness:

When I first met Brittany we had an immediate connection to each other’s energy and similar vision in empowering women by creating a strong community that supports and educates. It was a no brainer to be apart of TrainHer, as I absolutely love their mission as it resonates strongly with what I believe in, being REAL. Real women, real stories and real with oneself. I have learned that being real, brave and vulnerable can produce positive, permanent changes by elevating our health and lives and in turn can inspire and empower others on their journey!