Feel Your Feels

I had my first anxiety attack. A few weeks ago, I was cooking my breakfast, a seriously yummy brekkie sandwich that I will post about later, but I wasn’t really thinking about anything other than my yummy sandwich, then all of a sudden, I got this horrible, tight pain in my chest, it got harder […]

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Fighting My Way Out

Fighting My Way Out So, if you’re in the middle of your fight, the beginning, or you’ve finally found the light, remember this; YOU are not forgotten, YOU are never alone and, YOU are LOVED. ——– June 12, 2018 ——- NAME: Ashley Turner WHERE ARE YOU FROM: I am originally from South Weber, Utah, but I spent […]

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Healing the Heart

Healing the Heart Your story is yours… and it is beautiful, not perfect, but beautiful in a messy, stressful, exhausting way! —— May 29, 2018 —— Name: Jessica Steward From: Houston, TX What are you an expert in? Raising beautiful babies:) Passionate about: Mental health, nutrition, and being the best version of YOU so you […]

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The Infertility Club

The Infertility Club Why did we have to be a part of this secret hidden club? A club that I never asked to be a part of in the first place. ——– May 22, 2018 ——- NAME: Priscilla Brown WHERE ARE YOU FROM: Charleston, SC WHAT ARE YOU AN EXPERT IN? wrangling a toddler, staying positive during infertility […]

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Gluten-Free Hot Cereal

Recipe + blog by Courtney Robertson: Let’s Bring Healthy Back with Gluten-free Hot Cereal As a child I looked forward to my breakfast bowl of warm, comforting cream of wheat! BUT, that all changed when I was a teenager diagnosed with several food allergies, including wheat and dairy. I am no longer allergic to these […]

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Let’s Bring Healthy Back

Let’s Bring Healthy Back “As I received comments and compliments on the way I looked, I internalized it into a belief that my worth and value was based on how skinny I was.” Let’s bring healthy back!   Name: Courtney Robertson From: Alpine, UT Expert in: Certified Holistic Health Coach, Energy Therapy + Nutrition Passionate […]

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Just Keep Breathing

Name: Jen Kane From: Hurricane, UT What are you an expert in? Making cute babies. Passionate about: Helping moms be healthy and happy. Something you live by: Just keep breathing.   Have you ever said something like this? “I can’t imagine what you’re going through.” I have, lots of times.  But it wasn’t until the birth […]

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Drink Your Water, Yo

Drink Your Water Yo

5 Health Benefits to Drinking Water so drink your water yo! Drink your water yo! Does anyone else remember their mom telling them that they should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day? I picture my mom in our 90’s kitchen with apple décor everywhere, her permed hair and huge glasses, giving us […]

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Name: Kellianne Wilson From: Utah Expert In: Momming, homemaking, crafting, and taking life one day at a time. Passionate About: My family and my faith! Something You Live By: Comparison is the thief of joy or a grateful imbalance. The great question… How do I balance it all? The simple answer? I don’t – ha […]

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6 SNACKS FOR MOMMY & ME SNACK ATTACK! Am I the only one that is always looking for yummy snack ideas? We asked the hottie mommies over at Fit4Mom South Valley in Utah what some of their favorite snacks were for themselves AND their kids! Check ‘em out! CUCUMBERS + CHEESE! 5 Cucumber Slices + […]

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